Some friends told me that I’m a random thinker. If I could unfold my brain, and show it to you, you might find several different topics at one time in parallel. If you ever caught me daydreaming with a blank stare for at least two minutes, most probably there were 3 or 4 random thoughts i was thinking about at the same time. By random, I mean, that’s not only about my life, my feeling, or anything related to myself. It could be anything, whether the things around or even something totally unrelated to the current events.

For example, one night, without any trigger, I could suddenly think of ‘Kapten Tendean’. *what?* No, you read it right, and I did no typo. It’s the famous Tendean, our national hero. (See, how random my brain is?) Well, then, I ended up googling every little thing about him, history, personal life, also his relatives. Pretty insightful, no? Procrastinating? Hold on!

Last week, I took a busway to work. And for me, commuting, alone, on a public transportation, is one crucial time, where random thoughts could be easily born. Along the way, random thought that popped up in my mind, was; ‘What if I had this power to read others’ mind, to read everyone on this bus’ thoughts.’ Is it gonna be like a chaotic comic, and I can see all of their ‘balloons of thought’ overlapping? Or, is it like being in a bad acoustic room, where all I can hear is just voices echoing? There’s something intriguing when we’re talking about commuting, alone. I wonder, what keeps them busy with their own silences. It was 7 am in the morning, a woman sitting across from me was putting her earphone on. What was she listening to? A mood booster playlist, or a gloomy one? A guy standing next to me was staring at his phone screen, with a wide smile. Was it because of 9gag, morning text from a loved one, or an exciting mail from an old friend? A young girl sitting with a blank stare. What was she thinking about? Her relationship, her school work, or simply she was just randomly thinking about stuff, just like me?

As a visual person, my brain tends to easily create thoughts, questions, and comments, about things I saw. Hence, whilst commuting, there are so many things I could spot, and sometimes, it leaves me a huge curiosity. Like on the other day when I was with a friend, we’re stuck in a traffic jam, right on the side of Pancoran. Seeing Pancoran statue then led me to open a discussion about its history, mystery, and hoax. A very odd topic in the morning, which then encouraged us to analyze some articles and hypothesis related to this iconic statue, for days thereafter. Oh, yes, I am that freak. (PS: if you’re one of those who believe in the conspiracy of ‘Pancoran-Bundaran Senayan-Bundaran HI triangle’ sorry to break it to you, but it’s just a hoax. I did a shallow observation by measuring the distance on Google Earth, and turned out, it’s NOT true if people said those three icons have exactly similar distance, one and another.)

In spite of everything, having random thoughts is not a sin. Even for me, to transform the thought into verbal words, and share it to others is fun! I LOVE to have a deep conversation with people about random thought, and I must say, there’s only few people I know, whom I can easily talk about this kind of topic with. It’s easier to find a conversation partner who will quickly respond to ‘Don’t you know that she’s getting married next month?‘ rather than those who will be excited to respond; ‘What would it be, if human reincarnation was real, who do you think you were, before reincarnated?‘.

Am I bad partner in conversations? Well, let’s say, I’ll be adjusting. Consider that we, the random thinkers, sometimes, just love to give away some space and time for our brain to fly and land itself to wherever it wants. It’s definitely not a procrastination, if you could drive it right. As for me, it’s like a brain exercise that will lead you into ‘getting used to think imaginatively’. Am I the one who finds it interesting? I guess, NO!

So again, ‘What would it be, if human reincarnation was real, who do you think you were, before reincarnated?’ 🙂

15 thoughts on “Hey There, Random Thinkers!”

  1. Random thinkers? I guess I’m not the only one then. Hahaha.. AND “What would it be, if human reincarnation are real, who do you think you were, before reincarnated?” .. I’m a Penguin before not a human.

  2. For ordinary person like me, it is difficult to follow my random thinker friend. He jumps to various topics easily and quickly. That is awesomeness.

    My previous life was a random plant perhaps.

  3. Wow..this post is so me. Hello fellow random thinker! At first I was wondering is it weird if I had random thoughts whenever I am. On a bus, commuting, alone, in the middle of crowds.. But I heard that a random thinker is also a deep thinker who is good at analyzing thing just like you!

  4. Me too, I think I’m a random thinker… (hi kak olga, I’m your junior in SMAnsasi, salam kenal 🙂 )

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