Hidup lo kebanyakan takutnya. Be fearless, lah!” ujar seorang teman beberapa hari yang lalu setelah saya usai bercerita tentang kekhawatiran saya terhadap suatu hal.

I was likeShit I have to overcome this issue! Real soon‘. Been diving in this bad habit for a long time, I think the most prohibited F word is actually this F.


What is the worst scenario in your life?’ tanya si teman setelahnya.

I don’t know. Got no future? Being alone for the rest of my life perhaps?

Ya, terus? What would you do if your life plans weren’t work?

Crafting another one,‘ jawab saya.

And when you’re getting older, and still being single?

Then I’ll be on my own. Maybe I’ll live somewhere far off,

Well that’s it. Your plan doesn’t work? Then make another. And if you’re being single while you’re getting old, doesn’t mean that you can’t settle down, as there will always be men out there. Or in your case, if you decide to be on your own and live your dream somewhere, just go with it. Meaning, you have already got the plan B to overcome all your fears,

Dang! True.

Mengutip kata-kata teman saya, ‘Think about the worst scenario that could happen to you. When you know it, and you can deal with it. Then why are you worried about fear?

We overthink things. We complicate things. Padahal terkadang problem itu cuma ada di pikiran saja, which means it always be us who fully holds the control.

Few years ago, I was even worse than who I am now, in terms of this habit. My insecurity level was higher than my body itself. And it costed me a lot, that I still have to face the harm of it, until now.

And here I tell you the mantra:

Don’t ever spend your energy to overthink some things you can’t control. Don’t ever think about it till you have it slapping you right on your face.


Keesokan harinya, di tengah perjalanan bersama teman yang sama….

Gue mau minum soya milk gue deh, tapi jalan tol macet banget, sampainya masih lama. Takut kebelet pipis di jalan,” ujar saya.

Lalu percakapan di awal tulisan ini pun terulang kembali…

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