Couple weeks ago, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, I and Andi decided to take a stroll around Jakarta Kota. Asemka was our destination on that day. I’ve been in love with Glodok area and its surrounding, as to me, there will always be a pretty hidden things in every corner of it. And here it is, us, strolling around the area..

Untitled-1Having a leisure time in the afternoon wearing jeans? No worries, as I wore Wrangler Shape Keeper. If you really knew me, you might notice that I rarely wear jeans, cause sometimes I find it pretty uncomfortable to wear jeans for hours. But then, I tried this Wrangler Shape Keeper, and it definitely changed my opinion about it! The cutting and its fabric just feel so right that it could keep me feel comfortable even though I took outdoor activity for hours.

Coming with several types and colours, this Shape Keeper is exactly what you need if you’re looking for the words ‘stylish’ and ‘comfortable’ in a pair of jeans. Interested to get one? 😉

Wearing Wrangler Shape Keeper – Stokes type

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