One Perfect Companion for a Visual Thinker

Beberapa waktu yang lalu, pacar saya tiba-tiba melontarkan pertanyaan ‘Kamu gampang terdistraksi ya kalau lagi fokus belajar atau kerja?


While si pacar adalah tipe yang bahkan ketika berada di suatu kafe yang ramai dengan lalu lalang orang pun, tetap bisa konsen belajar ataupun bekerja.

Tipe belajar dan cara kerja masing-masing individu memang berbeda-beda. Ada juga teman saya yang harus mendengarkan musik untuk dapat fokus belajar dan menghafal. Lain lagi dengan saya yang wajib corat-coret ketika sedang mencatat atau belajar, ngga heran, buku catatan favorit saya adalah sketchbook yang polos tanpa garis tentunya.

Pernah dengar tentang 3 types of learning style? Jadi, simpelnya, ada tiga kategori gaya belajar manusia, yaitu visual, auditory, dan kinesthetic. Seperti yang saya rangkum dari berbagai sumber, berikut penjelasannya masing-masing:

  1. Visual

Kamu akan lebih mudah mengingat lewat grafis, gambar, dan diagram. Karenanya, tipe ini memiliki kecenderungan untuk memvisualisasikan hal-hal yang kamu baca dan kamu dengar dalam pikiran mereka. Dalam belajar, tipe visual adalah tipe pencatat melalui gambar, diagram, atau peta. Tipe visual pun mudah sekali terdistraksi oleh suara, pintu, dan jendela.

  1. Auditory

Mereka yang memiliki tipe auditory akan lebih efektif untuk belajar dan menghafal lewat bicara dan mendengar. Nah biasanya, dalam belajar, selain dengan mendegarkan ulang rekaman materi, tipe auditory akan mengulangnya dengan mengucapkannya dengan bahasanya sendiri. Tipe ini pun umumnya perlu mendengarkan musik untuk dapat belajar lebih efektif.

  1. Kinesthetic

Tipe kinestetik memiliki kecenderungan untuk ‘bergerak’ ketika belajar. Mereka umumnya lebih menyukai praktek ketimbang menjelaskan secara verbal. Oleh karena itu, mereka akan lebih mudah saat bergabung dalam lab, drama, field trip, ataupun aktivitas aktif lainnya.

Dari ketiga tipe di atas, tentu saja saya termasuk dalam kategori visual learner hahaha. Sebagai visual learner, pulpen/spidol dan kertas polos adalah items wajib yang tidak bisa terpisahkan ketika saya sedang belajar atau kerja. Bahkan dulu, jamannya telepon landline di masa ABG, mama saya sempat ngomel karena saya memiliki kebiasaan buruk; saya hobi banget nelepon berjam-jam sambil coret-coret apapun yang ada di meja, kertas sampai buku telepon. *nah lho ketauan banget umurnya kalo masih kenal sama buku telepon 😛

Di satu sisi, environmentally talking, kebiasaan ini bahayaaa banget! Tau dong kenapa? Yes, boros kertas! 😦

Sampai akhirnya, beberapa hari terakhir ini saya menemukan satu solusi terbaik yang bisa mengakomodir kebutuhan saya sebagai visual thinker tanpa harus merasa bersalah karena boros kertas. It’s S Pen on Samsung Galaxy Tab A! I had never been a big fan of stylus. Not before I tried out this S Pen on my hand. Jadi apa yang membuat saya jatuh cinta dengan feature ini?


  1. Smooth!

Salah satu hal yang selalu membuat saya meragukan stylus dan menggambar di atas screen adalah grafisnya yang kaku. Tapi, S Pen di Galaxy Tab A ini bener-bener smooth, tulisan kecil pun bener-bener sama persis dengan tulisan asli saya di atas selembar kertas dan pena.

  1. Banyak pilihan menu

Spidol, pensil, brush, pena, macam-macam tools ini dapat kamu pilih di dalamnya. Jangan lupa juga dengan pilihan warnanya yang juga beragam. Ini penting banget buat visual person seperti saya yang hobi coret-coret.

  1. Easy to save and access

Layaknya sketchbook yang bisa kamu bawa ke mana-mana, ini versi digitalnya! Kamu bisa simpan notes kamu, lalu buka lagi sewaktu-waktu sesuai dengan judul yang kamu buat. Bye, boros kertas! 🙂

Oh wait, ngga cuma feature S Pen-nya aja yang bikin Samsung Galaxy Tab A ini pas banget buat jadi partner kerja sehari-hari. Dengan fitur multiwindownya, kamu bisa nonton video secara bersamaan kalau lagi cari inspirasi, sambil update social media pun juga bisa! Semuanya bisa kamu lakukan tanpa lagging karena didukung oleh koneksi cepat 4G LTE-nya.

DSCF9974 copy

Working and developing new ideas will never be the same dengan S Pen. Dare to try? 😉


I Left My Heart in Quirky Movies

I left my heart in quirky movies. Based in Indonesia, I find it pretty hard to urge myself to go to a regular movie theater and watch the movie. Not that I’m a hyper anti-mainstream, but we all know, most of movies played in Indonesian movie theaters are those that have huge possibility to attract massive interest, meanwhile segmented movies are so marginalized. Within a year, I could go for like only 2 or 3 times watching movies in cinema. Of course that was only because my friends insisted me to join, and I couldn’t find any excuses to escape.

So, what’s anyway quirky movie? Well, let’s define it as an artsy, hilarious, anti-dramatic, kind of movie. Impressive picture, witty dialogue, and brilliant point of view, are the keywords, most of them also come with great soundtracks! Sadly, seems like this kind of movie is not really well received by Indonesian movie market, somehow. It’s a lot easier to find superhero movie sequels (no matter how crappy it is) rather than those legendary Before trilogy movies, since those weren’t screened in Indonesia.

Hence, I finally wrote down a list of some quirky movies I love. Put it as a suggestion, for you who are looking for kind of refreshment out of local movie theater or a breakthrough to renew your movie collection. Let’s see, oh, and tell me if you spot your favorite movie on my list below!

Amelie Amelie-0230 If you think this movie is weird and boring, well, we won’t get a long well I must say! Haha kidding. Yes, I LOVE every little thing about this movie! The pictures, the plot, France, Audrey Tautou, even the tone color! The movie is just hilarious. Watching Amelie, you might feel like watching a documentary of a usual life of human being on a daily basis, about random questions that suddenly pop up into your mind, personal curiosity, also being a secret admirer. If you’re looking for a stack of best picture movies, i highly recommend Amelie to be put in!

Midnight in Paris midnight I’ve watched some of Woody Allen’s movies, Manhattan, Annie Hall, Scoop, Match Point, Vicky Christina Barcelona, Midnight in Paris, To Rome with Love, Blue Jasmine, and others. If you’ve watched at least 3 Allen’s movies, you might be able to easily spot the resemblance of his works. They were poured by witty dialogues and lovely places! Midnight in Paris is my favorite, it’s quirky and mysteriously beautiful.

Before Sunrise before sunrise Before Sunrise is my favorite from the trilogy! Just can’t help falling in love with the idea of the movie plot. It’s like my lucid dream to accidentally bump into someone and impulsively have a casual yet deep conversation with that stranger (yeaa, mock me to have kind of cheapo imagination). Delpy and Hawke’s chemistry is just unbeatable, over years, in each sequel, anyway!

Moonrise Kingdom moonrise k When we talk about quirky movies, Wes Anderson must be one of the names that popping out, or else, your comprehension is just failed. Haha I know, right? His works are too brilliant. Moonrise Kingdom is my favorite. Just like his typical works, like The Grand Budapest Hotel, this movie fits you well if you feel like watching a movie to feast your eyes. I’d like to capture every scene of the movie, and put it on frames, like seriously!

Submarine subm A little bit dark in a way for an adolescent movie. As a human being which is starting to step out the adolescent stage of life, I quite envy of how Lloyd and Jordana spend their time. They should write an article about those anti-mainstream dating ideas and places.

Boyhood bhd Filmed over 12 years with the same cast, the movie is quite exceptional. For those who can’t enjoy movies with long duration, you might find it boring. But the idea of semi documentary is one that might keep you stay for hours. Also, not to forget, it comes with great soundtrack!

Flipped flp I never had any kind of memorable childhood love story, well besides the fact that I didn’t involve in any kind of romantic event with boy until high school. I think Flipped wrapped that kind of love story, way too far from cheesy impression. So amusing!

Like Crazy lc Watching this movie really feels like natural. Casual but emotional, with drama but not being dramatic. The movie itself tells the story about two students meeting each other, deeply falling in love, but then bounded by citizenship permit. The combination between youth vibrancy and emotional feelings makes this movie worth a watch. Ah, and I love Felicity Jones!

Lost in Translation dd The main reason behind my decision to watch this movie years ago was ScarJo, Bill Murray, and Sofia Coppola! Like the typical of Coppola’s works, the movie tends to be quite and deep, filled by witty conversations, about two Americans coincidentally meeting each other in Japan. “Sometimes you have to go halfway around the world to come full circle”.

Wicker Park wp Who’s with me for this one? Wicker Park is my favorite, ever. Nothing beats the quirky plot of the movie which is also a remake of French movie, L’Appartment. Though gaining generally negative reviews, there’s something in this movie that somehow remains in my head for years. Ah, also if you’re a big fan of Coldplay, Aqualung, or Mogwai, you better watch this movie, for you’ll end up with downloading the whole soundtrack afterwards! 😉