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  1. Hello Elisa!

    Your life and vision are so inspiring! I love following you on Instagram.

    I am contacting you because three of us world travelers have created a website and e-zine for artful explorers, and we hope you find a place with us at Latitudes, Longitudes as a one-time or regular contributor.

    Latitudes, Longitudes is an online community and e-zine that revolves around the idea that the act of traveling is constant, that every day we are exploring new boundaries and rediscovering old ones. The constant traveler seeks new knowledge, challenges, experiences, conversations, and collaborations. Latitudes, Longitudes creates a platform for lifelong travelers to explore the world and their creativity with one another.

    Please feel free to take a sneak peek at our growing website

    We would love to have you contribute in whatever way you feel best represents your visionary world expeditions, and in whatever way fits your schedule. We welcome video, photographs, text, audio recordings, and art work of any medium.

    *Don’t worry if you feel like you don’t have some grand travel plans or adventure to report on. We’re also looking for contributors for our “At Anchor” segment where we will highlight the adventure of rediscovering our roots at home.

    Please contact me if you would like more detailed info about joining us.

    Looking forward to sharing in your adventures from the past as well as in adventures to come.


    Ann Whittaker
    Latitudes, Longitudes | Editor

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